At SmartDec, we analyze applications in high and low level languages. We develop software. We provide smart contract security audit.


Smart Contract Security

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We analyze the security of smart contracts and related applications. We also analyze the integration between smart contracts and side applications.

We provide:

  • Analysis of smart contracts and related applications
  • Development of the tool for analyzing smart contracts in the Solidity language

Enterprise Security Scanner

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We have developed a SmartDec Scanner, both web-based and on premise vulnerabilities scanner.

SmartDec Scanner works with source codes, executables, and binaries, and provides comprehensive security threats report.

It supports more than 15 programming languages and can be easily integrated into workflow of both Security Experts and Software Developers.


Software audit

We analyze the source and executable code according to the customer’s requirements, including an information security audit. We recover source code from low-level representation.

We can assist with:

Analysis of the source and executable code: static, dynamic and hybrid analysis, information security analysis

Recovery of source code from low-level representation: from executable files, binary code, object files, and others.

Analysis of mobile applications: the link to Google Play or iTunes Store is sufficient.


System software development

We develop software of any complexity - from small applications to high loaded systems that support the thousands of users in real time.

  • Tools for static and dynamic code analysis (SAST and DAST).
  • Tools for code recovering from a low-level representation.
  • Online education systems
  • Custom software development

Full Range of ICO Services

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We offer wide variety of technical, legal and business services for blockchain start-ups:

  • Financial Analysis and Consulting
  • Legal Support
  • GDPR Support
  • Software Engineering
  • Various Post-ICO Services

That's not all that our team can do.
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Our team

Sergei Levin
Sergei LevinFounder

PhD, system engineer. Has experience in commerce as a leader and organizer of medium and large business, including retail business, from beginning of 1990-s.

Katerina Troshina
Katerina TroshinaChief Executive Officer

PhD, programmer and economist. Application security specialist, highly skilled at working with the largest static analysis tools and binary analysis. Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics.

Aleksandr Chernov
Aleksandr ChernovChief Research Officer

PhD, programmer, chief architect of IT products. Developer of SmartDec decompiler and SmartDec training and learning system. Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics

Sergei Pavlin
Sergei PavlinChief Operating Officer

Designs and implements business strategies, manages relationships with partners. Lead analyst of SmartDec training and learning systems

Yaroslav Alexandrov
Yaroslav AlexandrovHead of Development Department

Technical specialist in Application security and Java development. Team leader of the SmartDec application security department. Co-founder of smart contract analysis project.

Pavel Yushchenko
Pavel YushchenkoChief Technical Officer

Developer on Java, C++ and Python. Expert in DevOps, system administration and hardware for agile development.

Lenar Safin
Lenar SafinLead developer

The expert in decompilation area and C/C++ development. The lead developer of source code recovering tool and analyzer of C/C++, Objective-C and SWIFT binary files

Evgeniy Marchenko
Evgeniy MarchenkoLead developer

Technical specialist in Smart Contracts and Solidity language. Technical leader of web server system and static analysis system development.

Alexander Seleznev
Alexander SeleznevBusiness Development Officer

Builds and maintains high-level contacts with current and prospective customer and other business and project partners.

Ivan Staroselskiy
Ivan StaroselskiyLead DevOps engineer

CI expert, specialist in software deployment. Provides technical support for systems in commercial operation.

Ivan Ivanitskiy
Ivan IvanitskiyChief Analytics Officer

Lead analyst of application security projects, expert on vulnerabilities in mobile and web applications, specialist in blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Evgeny Koloskov
Evgeny KoloskovChief Legal Officer

Chief Legal Officer, focused on developing legal solutions that drive business development and economic vitality. Well versed in a wide range of areas, including commercial and corporate law, tax law, finance and economic development. Participant in Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain.

Ekaterina Voskresenskaya
Ekaterina VoskresenskayaAnalyst

PhD, financial systems analyst and expert on vulnerabilities in smart contracts written in Solidity.

Elena Kornoukhova
Elena KornoukhovaAssistant
Anna Khokholikova
Anna KhokholikovaDesigner
Ramil Takhaviev
Ramil TakhavievDeveloper
Sergei Bugaev
Sergei BugaevDeveloper
Anna Shkarina
Anna ShkarinaAnalyst
Anastasiya Sugar
Anastasiya SugarDeveloper
Oleg Zemlyakov
Oleg ZemlyakovDeveloper
Elizaveta Kharlamova
Elizaveta KharlamovaAnalyst
Nikita Kuzin
Nikita KuzinDeveloper
Albina Mannanova
Albina MannanovaDeveloper

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