SmartDec tools and services help businesses to provide secure development for more than a decade.


SmartDec Scanner

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We develop SmartDec Scanner – both web-based and on-premise vulnerabilities scanner.

It supports 31 programming languages, including ABAP and languages for implementing smart contracts: Solidity and Vyper.

SmartDec Scanner works with source codes, executables, and binaries. A link to the app on Google Play or App Store will be sufficient for scanning.

SmartDec Scanner can be easily integrated into SDLC processes: CI/CD servers, task tracking systems, etc. It provides a number of available plugins and a full API to build a custom setup.


Software Audit

We analyze code with accordance to customer’s requirements and accomplish information security audits.

We provide:

Analysis of the source and executable code: static, dynamic and hybrid analysis, information security analysis

Recovery of source code from low-level representation: from executable files, binary code, object files and others

Analysis of mobile applications: automated and manual black-box testing and security analysis of mobile applications by a link to Google Play or App Store


Blockchain Security Services

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We analyze the security of smart contracts, DApps and related applications. We also analyze integration between smart contracts and side apps.

We have performed audits for more than 200 blockchain projects, ranging from simplest ERC20 token audits to audits of complex systems, crypto wallets, and even whole blockchains. The number of funds secured by our audits already exceeds $1.0B.

We develop own security and compliance tools, which we use in our audits: SmartDec Scanner, SmartCheck and SmartSuite.


Blockchain Technical Consulting

Since the end of 2018, we’ve been consulting enterprise customers on whether they should integrate various blockchain solutions into their business processes and what could be the advantages and disadvantages of such innovations.

We have expertise in both Second Layer (like Plasma, State Channels, Side Chain services) and Privacy Solutions (ZK Snarks, ZK Starks), and participate in the development of products that utilize such solutions.

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